21 Warning Signs You May Be a Teacher

21 WARNING SIGNSYOU MAY BE A TEACHERYou may be a teacher if any of the following applies to you:

  1. A child who is not your tax-deductible offspring has ever referred to you as “Mom” or “Dad.”
  2. You have stolen items from your home to bring to work.
  3. When someone actually calls you by your first name, you are taken by surprise.
  4. You avoid certain neighborhoods where you think you might run into students. Nobody wants to hear, “Hey, Mrs. Jones!” when you are in your yoga pants and a top knot buying bras. Just no.
  5. You get irrationally excited designing bulletin boards.
  6. You have ever played with play dough at work.
  7. You come home at the end of a work day with Expo marker all over your hands.
  8. You have ever created a lesson plan based solely on Pinterest ideas.
  9. You can spot the glow of a cell phone screen through tables, chairs, and 15 children.
  10. You know when there’s a full moon without looking at a calendar.
  11. You have ever had to have the “deodorant talk” with children who do not live in your house.
  12. You have ever considered grading papers with the aid of a dart board.
  13. You can decipher anyone’s handwriting. Anyone’s.
  14. You can unjam a copy  machine in less than 30 seconds.
  15. You have trained your bladder.
  16. You have been deathly ill, but have decided that going to work is easier than calling in sick.
  17. You know as many modern slang terms as any teenager.
  18. You believe people should have to spend a year working with teenagers before they are allowed to have children.
  19. You have asked an adult person if he “needs to go potty.”
  20. You plan all of your vacations around summer, winter break, and fall break.
  21. You cringe whenever you hear someone remark about how teachers have it easy.

Don’t panic. Many people who have discovered that they are teachers go on to live long and happy lives.


One comment

  1. This is just awesome! Nice job compiling all these features into a comical list! I laugh and laugh and then I think…”what have I got myself into?” 🙂


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